Junior Camrose Overall

England England150.49 1
Scotland Scotland137.73 2
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland110.25 3
SBU SBU74.82 4
Wales Wales72.16 5
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland52.55 6

Junior Camrose RR1

ScotlandEnglandRepublic of IrelandSBUNorthern IrelandWalesTotalPos
Scotland Scotland3.4517.0812.915.3718.967.7 1
England England16.555.316.3719.544.6362.39 2
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland2.9214.713.4518.4112.0161.49 3
SBU SBU7.13.636.551013.7140.99 4
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland4.630.461.591018.4135.09 5
Wales Wales1.115.377.996.291.5932.34 6

Junior Camrose RR2

EnglandScotlandRepublic of IrelandWalesSBUNorthern IrelandTotalPos
England England20182010.3619.7488.1 1
Scotland Scotland017.2413.452019.3470.03 2
Republic of Ireland Republic of Ireland22.7618.667.119.2449.76 3
Wales Wales06.551.341814.9340.82 4
SBU SBU9.64012.929.2933.83 5
Northern Ireland Northern Ireland0.260.660.765.0710.7117.46 6


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